Snowflake Sock Skating is a temporary exhibit held in Long Island Children's Museum's Comings and Goings gallery, open from November 12, 2022 through January 8, 2023. Enjoy the all the fun that the winter season has to offer without being outside in the cold! This exhibit includes an ice rink that children can slide, glide and twirl around on using slippers that go over their shoes. When they're done skating around, they can sell tickets to other skaters that come in, serve tasty treats and hot drinks. 
Promotional Materials
The Museum advertised the opening of this exhibit throughout social media and websites. Ads were created in multiple sizes, and animated gifs were also made.
Exhibit Signage
Signage was created to go throughout the exhibit. A banner showing the Snowflake Sock Skating artwork is hung by the ice rink, as well as signage for the Cafe, Ticket Booth, and New and Used Sock bins.
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